Wednesday, July 18, 2007

HEEEEEEEEY everyone. I promise I'm not dead. I've just been swamped with learning how to drive, cooking un-photogenic food and working. Oh yes and who can forget-SHOPPING. My ultimate guilty pleasure. hehe! Uni starts soon which means I will probably get back into the frequent updating since I feel like there's more of a routine that way. Holidays are just bad for me, I go all sorts of topsy turvy with posts and all that. What can I say, I love losing track of life. =)

Right now I'm working my way through a few birthday cake options for myself. Seeing that it's gotta be gluten free and dairy free, I'm kinda in a rut. Suggestions anyone? =) I want something a little fancier which means bountiful swirls of icing and all that jazz but DAIRY FREE is killing me! Bugger.


Shaun said...

Victoria - Have you tried using almond milk? It's dairy free. I don't know about its fat content; it probably isn't high enough for whipping, etc, but at least you don't have to entirely go without something kind of like milk.

Nickster said...

nic is sad :(

Johanna said...

hi victoria - if you want a rich dairy free and wheat free cake, the obvious choice to me (chocoholic that I am) is a flourless chocolate cake - or you could check out nigella's clementine cake which I think is gluten free (again a flourless cake). If you don't want nutty flourless, there are chocolate cakes with chickpeas on the web - I am dying to try one as they sound interesting.