Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Teh Tarik Cupcake with Caramel Glaze and Coffee Kahlua Buttercream

My wonderful detailed post on my cupcake journey just got deleted, I know feel weird typing it again, like a broken record machine. *sigh!*

well, Here it is! My cupcake of the week. heh, My baking success of the week! Having been heavily inspired by Chockylit and Daisy Cakes, I decided to try my hand at something I could be proud to call MY OWN! heh. and BOY AM I PROUD!

I fiddled with a basic cupcake recipe, adding in sachet after sachet of my sister's instant teh tarik mix to get the fragrant aroma of it to waft in my kitchen (just to know the flavour won't die out while baking) but to no avail. So I added in some instant coffee and cocoa, to accentuate the taste perhaps, it was all in name of TRIAL AND ERROR! Turned out bloody brilliant (if i may say so myself)

I couldn't resist, mornings and coffee go so well together

side note: I just realized Teh Tarik is...tea. TEA! i've been working with COFFEE all morning. I feel so, cheated. anyway, moving on...

Made a caramel glaze, and as I stirred it, I prepared myself for failure. Chockylit said she had a few bad experiments with caramel so, I didn't expect much. As it sputtered and threatened to burn me, I watched over it like a hawk, hoping not to burn it. Maybe I should have left it to simmer for longer coz it wasn't sticky enough, but I got too nervous so I took it off the heat. Turned out pretty ok, it was an easy caramel recipe, nowhere near as complicated as the more authentic ones, but the focus of the cuppacaker was the buttercream and the cupcake, not so much the caramel. So I cheated! hehh

ARE YOU SOLD YET!? heeehee

Then came the buttercream. Simple, basic recipe, added Kahlua, just coz I found it in the fridge. heh, IT WAS GOOD! heh, i feel slightly...high. So here's the finished product! I meant to swirl heaping mountains of it over the top of each cupcake but it might've been too much of a good thing and, I realized even after doubling the recipe, I wouldn't have enough so, I settled on heaping rosettes on each caramel mountain. MMMM...



Garrett said...

I just did my own kahlua cupcakes a short while ago! Crazy world.

Swee said...

wow.. teh tarik cupcakes. sounds awesome!! yummmy

mgee said...

just went to Malaysia and fell in love with teh tarik, yummo... props to u for inventing teh tarik cupcakes! they look sooo goood! like.. insanely good! would love to give it try.. maybe order it off u if ever i go to melbourne..