Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Apparently, we don't all love chocolate

In the midst of trying to find out how M's essay was going and what we were going to do for her birthday, we found out the TRUTH about chocolate and erm, pringles.

vicky: omg i want chocolate
M says: oh god i'm SO over chocolate
vicky: NO that's evil
M: yeah i don't like it but i do LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE pringles omg! they are the snacks of the gods
vicky: i thought chocolate was! maybe chocolate was the dessert of the gods
M: haha exactly but salty stuff is way cooler

HAHA! SO-NOT-THE-CASE! Actually, I like my food salty and sweet. Salty, buttery pie crust with diabetically-sweet pecans. YUM! Now I just startedmy craving of the moment. PECAN PIE! Tell me, what do YOU crave... and we'll crave together!=)


sher said...

My husband once bought me a box of fancy chocolates that had sea salt on top. They were marvelous, satisfying my preference for salty over sweet.

Victoria said...

now THAT is an awesome idea...seriously. mmmm. lucky you.=P