Thursday, April 5, 2007

catch the easter disease

It might be Easter, or it might just be one of my moments, but today chocolate was highly wanted on my menu. So i shuttled between Safeway and BigW, not being able to make my mind up. It's all about the concept of wasting your preciousprecious calories on food that's worth it. So I stared at Lindt chocolates, Mars bars, Twix, picked up a Boost double bar pack and put it back, Heaven bar, Kinder Bueno, Baci, godknowshowmanyothers and finalllllyyyy picked this one up.

Realizing that this was one that I had been eyeing a while back, and it fit my criteria of being a not-too-big block, dark chocolate, 'healthy' and QUALITY chocolate, I decided to get it. Poor Fred waited for me while my mind flitted about the choices. Do you ever realize that sometimes you know what the 'thing' you want is and it just annoys you when you don't find it? heh, LUCKILY I found IT today. (oh, and I got these new ferrero chocolates-disappointing)

The chocolate bar was absolutely yummy. Very un-diary-free like, very smooth, very intense, not bitter and just all round, a really good chocolate bar. I'm happy!=) I'm sure there are other way to describe the chocolate bar, but it really is unnecessary. I mean, if you want me to compare it, it tastes of a slightly stronger soy taste than ordinary dark chocolate, but just as smooth, I think the cocoa percentage is 50%. On the other hand, comparing it to soy chocolate, definitely alot better in terms of satisfying those INSANE WHACKO chocolate cravings, probably also because it's dark chocolate, but it leaves you feeling like you've had REAL good 'ol chocolate so therefore I say, GO FOR IT! =)

OOOOOH.Easter bunny's got me happy.

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