Tuesday, April 3, 2007

you look so fine and i really wanna make you MINE!

So today I was sitting on the tram on the way home after uni and guess what I saw. Two men, no less, carrying big Haigh's bags. oh yes, they were and believe me when I tell you I was jealous. *whines

ALLRIGHTY, everyone knows Easter is coming so I suppose those brown Haigh's paper bags contained something delectable and brown, and rich and sinful and all that kinda thing that makes my mouth just water. It has reduced me to forgetting words and I'm just busily swallowing my saliva. oh darn those two men. I want a chocolate bunny. Most kids wish for the real one, the furry kind, that supposedly hops around with big floppy ears and wiggle their noses. I JUST WANT THE CHOCOLATE TYPE.

Shan't whine anymore. I'm sure this is a big enough hint that I want a chocolate Easter bunny (oh there, I said it again). Baked some Alfajores during the weekend for Vee's birthday, turned out, I had too much batter so I just added some chocolcate chips to some and made some into jam thumbprints. oooh gooey jam. I'll post the recipe once I clean up the drool on my table. Right now my fingers are trembling from the cold, or maybe just from chocolate cravings...

bag of chocolate chips in my fridge, HERE I COME!=)

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Lori said...

"Dessert's the whole point of the meal, really." I like the slogan of your blog. We'll get along very well, I just know it. :p