Monday, April 9, 2007

superwoman kinda day

Today I felt like I did alot. By alot, I mean cooking everyone buttermilk pancakes for brekkie and making myself lunch and a snackpack at the same time AND packing my bag for uni. I feel brilliant. haha, one of those better days I'd say.

The problem i always have with ingredients is that I buy an entire carton/pack of something and never get to really finish it which results in me having to chuck it out, feeling a little guilty since there are kids in Africa starving. This time, it was buttermilk. Well, I've had to thow out a couple of cartons of buttermilk and yes, I do feel insanely guilty. Therefore I now feel better that I made use of my third carton. Initially I had to buy the carton of buttermilk for my avocado cupcake experiment which then led to me cooking everyone pancakes today! Found this amazingamazing recipe from and the promise of extremely fluffy pancakes were fulfilled, down to the tiny little ones i made for myself and sprinkled a couple of blueberries on (oh shoot, now I've got the blueberries to finish...any ideas?) Guys being, well, guys, fred wanted his with NO berries but chocolate chips seemed to work fine. I suppose it's a very basic recipe that makes use of buttermilk and other flavours you could try out might be adding 2/3 tbsp of dessicated coconut and serving with palm sugar sauce. Or maybe adding 3 tbsp of cocoa powder and making a marshmallow chocolate sauce. Possibilities are endless I might say.

And today, Vee's dad brought us out for dinner and then Max Brenners after. FINALLY had a hot chocolate. I know it sounds silly but i've never had a hot chocolate from Max before, it's usually the crossiant with chocolate sauce and WATER. I had the magic hot chocolate or something along those lines. It was AUD$6 and terribly yummy. It's a milk chocolate hot chocolate so it bordered on the sweeter side and it supposedly had 'chocolate covered waffle balls' which promised MUCH but, it turned out more like the chocolate valrhona ball things that I used to serve at work. Like, rice crackle covered with good quality chocolate. HMMMM... ohwell, go try it out and let me know what you reckon!

Til next racial chocolate equality!!!

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sher said...

Yes--I have that buttermilk problem too! I wind up throwing cartons of it away too often. Well, I think you were a very nice superwoman to make pancakes!