Monday, May 7, 2007

Coffee and Chocolate Walnut Cake

This is probably one of those cakes I find hard to get sick of. Well, okay so I suppose it's unfair to say that since it's the first time I've baked it. But judging by the fact that between me and erm, me, we've almost finished half the cake. So I suppose it's a fair judgement to pass.

Originally called an Italian espresso walnut cake by the creator in Gourmet Traveller, I obviously did not have a cup of espresso lying around (someone tell me whats the difference between normal instant coffee and espresso?) so, I just used one heaping tablespoon of coffee dissolved in water equivalent to the amount I should've had of espresso. Also, figured mixing half the batter with melted chocolate wouldn't hurt so I did just that. Bought me some fresh yummy walnuts from the market and a good bag of organic Spelt flour (because wheat flour is the devil) and TA-DAH!

Let me describe the god-lyness of the cake pretty please...Okay! So the cake baked up beautifully, no lumps or sunken middles. I marbled the cake, so each slice would have ooey-gooey goodness of the chocolate and the lovely depth of walnuts and the scent of coffee. This was unexpected but the chocolate bits turns out chewy and moist, just like a fudge brownie, while the coffee parts were slightly crumb-like, moist still because of the oils from the walnuts but not fudgey. Perfect contrast since too much of either would've made it boring to eat. The top of the cake was brushed with honey so that made the edges of the cake crunchy and chewy, like...BROWNIES! Beautiful rhythmn of flavour, filled with the complementing flavours topped with fresh walnuts and a tint of honey to tease your senses and a slight, ever so slight hint of bitterness to remind you of the fresh walnuts you ground all by yourself. I reckon it'd be purrfect with coffee but you know what, I reckon it'd be perfect with just about anything.


sher said...

Oh. My. Goodness! That sounds insanely delicious!

Victoria said...

Hey Sher, I'd really like to thank you for supporting my blog!=) I wish I could email you in person but I don't have your email address. so heres a CHEEEERS to you.=)

Killl_Roy said...

I think the difference between an Espresso and just "normal" coffee is that, espresso is the product of pure coffee beans, grounded into a powdery form, then put through an extractor where they hot steam it under a certain amount of pressure and tempreture (around 80-90*C)too how and it will char the coffee; too cold and it will under-extract- The result is pure coffee extract. sometimes you might come across a "double espresso", thats basically the same thing, just the concentration of coffee vs water is now 2:1, instead of the former 1:1.

now, instant coffee, because it is, well... instant, a few other substances are added to the grounded coffee beans I mentioned earlier, so that the grounded coffee will dissolve in just hot water. (note grounded coffee beans will NOT dissolve in hot water,it will leave around too much residue to even drink. it has to be extracted).

because of the added substances and the processed state of instant coffee, they dont taste as good =S, and also they lack what true coffee lovers love most : the crema(with the accented "e"), it is a brown layer of very fine froth on top of the espresso when it is first extracted from the beans. it R guuuuud :D

Killl_Roy said...

coffee cake :( i wants

Victoria said...

hehehe thanks roy! im a coffee illerate! what will i do without you! =)