Sunday, May 20, 2007

A little sad...

Just thought i'd post an update on my second attempt at the chocolate loaf. Didn't work out. I think me and the recipe just aren't good. So, anyone who wants to try and has better luck please teach me how to do it. Right now though, I just had a maccas burger and I feel slightly better. I know, i should be avoiding wheat but I'm sad, and I've been wanting a burger for AGES. Anyway, I'm going to try Nigella Lawson's recipe for dinner rolls tomorrow, maybe i'll have more luck yes?

On the bright side, I got to eat up all the icing off the loaves. Now I feel a teensy bit bad, but icing is goooooooood. =)

After reading a million and one sites on bread making and all things related I realized a huge possibility as to why my bread SUCKED was because I didn't knead it enough. I was worried that I might 'overwork' the mixture. Too much cake baking, the paranoia of over working a mixer is there. Tomorrow I will be more vicious and work it baby! heh, I'm totally psyched out now. I know I should be using spelt flour but I think I'll start with oragnic white flour first. I know, bad for me, but it's not THAT bad. I wanna succeed more than anything. =) WISH ME LUCK!


Hui Wen said...

Hey, don't be discouraged. Bread baking is tough. I have the worst problem making bread with soft crusts. Whether it is chelsea bun or a milk bun all my bread comes out crusty. Of course, in some cases this is desirable but it is upsetting when it is not what I gunning for. On the topic of Nigella's rolls, DO try them! They were my first successful bread baking experience. :-) Good luck!

Victoria said...

Thanks babe! =) I'm all psyched out for success today! hehee.

Georgia said...

You don't know me, but I read your blog, its awesome. I really love making bread and had some trouble the first few times in my new apartment. I found the problem was that it didn't rise correctly, because the kitchen wasn't warm enough. Now, I make a little contraption by putting a cookie rack on top of a pan of water set on the oven at low heat. I put my bowl of dough on the rack and the warm humidity does wonders...there is a post on my blog about a sunflower seed / orange bread that I should check it out :)

left said...

hey hey viccky!!you'll get it right!!you always do!!!
the stuff you bake never fails to make my mouth water..drools..hahaha..come back soon okok??
from your friend who misses you so!

Randi said...

hey there - georgia is definitely the queen on bread.. i too suffer with yeast. we made this awesome pumpkin cinnamon rolls, which i think we'll make again and post on, but they definitely would have been bigger and flakier if georgia were conducting the yeast doing parts :) anyway, keep at it and we'll keep reading